Breathe New Life into Discipleship

What is REVEAL?

  • Based on research gathered over the last decade, The REVEAL Spiritual Life Survey is a proven tool to measure spiritual growth. It has been used by over 2,000 churches, representing 500,000 congregants—and its reach keeps growing.
  • Today the research has yielded more new discoveries: Churches are more similar than unique. Every church falls into one of eight archetypes (like the Complacent Church, the Introverted Church and the Energized Church, and others). Though each varies widely, we can help illuminate how to lead your church in a healthy direction.
  • REVEAL provides solutions—proven next steps to help your church and your people grow.

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What is the Process?

  • Follow the links to Order REVEAL from this website and select a launch date.
  • Promote and launch the REVEAL Spiritual Life Survey. We will track all responses and send you regular updates.
  • Encourage your people to take the survey. It is available on every digital platform—including smart phones, tablets and computers.
  • After the survey is closed, you will receive results that benchmark your congregants’ spiritual maturity against norms of other congregations.

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